LA- Casting Jobs Starting ASAP

LA: Hi All! I am looking for a great Casting Producer AND a Casting Associate who are SUPER tapped into making our world a better place - and products that do that. Bring out your inner Greta! Do you buy reusable beeswax plastic wrap - or go to re-fill stations for your beauty and cleaning products? If you are super into supporting products that seek to change the world in some way, please apply :

***Private message me here on facebook and PLEASE attach a resume.

***Also - let me know why this is a good fit for you!

***Folks who DO NOT INCLUDE A RATE - will not get a reply - send your rate or rate range PLEASE.

***Also, please do not send me a friend request. I promise I check my "other folder".

4-6 weeks - must be available to start MONDAY.

Casting, LADigital Influence