NY Tri-State Area- Are you moving back to your hometown?

Are you currently looking to buy a home in your hometown?
Did you recently move back to the town where you grew up?
Were you tired of life in a different town or city and looking for a familiar community to call home?
Do you want to celebrate your hometown in an exciting new series?
If the answer is YES, then this is the series for you!

Exit Four TV is producing an exciting new home buying series for a major network. If you are in the process of moving back to your hometown (or have recently moved back to your hometown) then you want to hear from you!

Each episode of this series will explore an increasingly relatable story – singles, couples, and families who decide to move back to the familiar surroundings of a hometown. Whether it’s to raise their kids, be close to relatives, save money, or simply surround themselves in a familiar setting, more and more families are moving to where they grew up. This is a series that explores the home buying and moving process but also celebrates the communities that we all long to call home.

We’re looking for people (singles, couples, families) who have are moving to a town within a 2-hour drive of New York City and who want to share the journey with us. If chosen, we would film with you on one day in September or October 2019.

If you’re interested or want to learn more, email us and tell us:
- where you moved from and where you're moving back to
- what stage of the moving process you're in
- why you are moving back home (new job, to be close to family, etc)
- best way to contact you (email, phone)
- why you would be perfect for this show!

Please share this with anyone who might be interested! Casting@exitfour.tv

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