Nationwide-Casting a PSA for LGBTQ kids and their parents

SEEKING A MOTHER OR FATHER of a child who was legally discriminated against in employment (fired from a job, prevented from applying, career advancement denied, ect) in one of the thirty states that have no legal protection for LGBTQI persons in this regard. Also interested in stories of LGBTQI discrimination in housing (evicted from home, urged to move out, denied housing, ect)

- should be able to prove your story of discrimination (ideally, the story is in writing, but if you can prove it another way- this is fine)
- should have childhood pictures and or videos of child growing up, as well as more recent footage of soon or daughter.
- Willing to participate in filming of this content , for one day, during the week of 9/30 or 10/7. Our small documentary crew would come to your house and film some scenes of you around the house. We might also want to include the child in the filming ( NOTE: PARENTS AND KIDS DON'T HAVE TO LIVE IN THE SAME CITY)
- Compensation: $500.00 for the day of filming for the parent, inclusive of usage. If son or daughter os aspx filmed, he or she will also be compensated $500.00 inclusive of usage.
- Usage: Any and all media in North America in perpetuity.

please email your stories and pictures to: