LA- Casting various roles for food and beverage commercial


Non-union food & beverage commercial in and around LA. Fitness focused. NO DIALOGUE. Have a few different roles we’re casting for over 2 days. If anybody is interested in any of these please email with headshots / reel / Instagram / anything relevant. Thanks!

1) FIT MALE, any ethnicity, 18-35 Y.O. 3-hour shoot Friday, August 23rd, 3-hour shoot Saturday, August 24th. $100 total + Meals. Must be comfortable throwing/catching a football, shooting/dribbling a basketball. SCENE: Backyard moments of friends playing sports and getting competitive with one another.

2) FIT MALE, any ethnicity, 18-35 Y.O. 4-hour shoot Saturday, August 24th. $75 + Meals. Must be comfortable doing a little bit of running. SCENE: A businessman on his way home from work decides to stop at a park and get a quick workout in.

3) FIT FEMALE, any ethnicity, 18-35 Y.O. 4-hour shoot Friday evening, August 23rd. $75 + Meals. Must be comfortable jogging and sprinting. SCENE: A woman on a jog decides to run up that hill she’s always dreaded.