Nationwide- Major Network casting people who want to know what others say about them behind their back

Major Network in tandem with World-renowned, Award-winning production house creating a new breed of revealing, refreshing, really darn good television:

Need to Know Basis: My LIfe

Fascinating, fun, life-repairing way to get to the bottom of things, or reveal your truth to recharge and reset your life.  

What are people REALLY saying behind your back?

What do your friends, family, partner really think of you?

Whats really happening when you are not around?

  • people slacking?

  • friends bitchin'?

  • fiance getting cold feet?

  • someone smitten with your romantic partner?

  • being left out of big plans?

  • crazy rumors being told?

Or is it you that you have a secret you need to reveal but don't know how...or how people will react?!

  • you've fallen for our best friends partner?

  • you've secretly planned a big move?

  • you want to fess up to someone?

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Nationwide. If selected, our crew will come to you. Ages 15 & up