Newark, NJ- Actors Needed for Feature Film Table Read

Feature Film Table Read

Time: 4PM
Date: 11/3
Location: Newark, NJ

Feature film looking for actors to do a table read for a script. Actors who participate in the table read will have an opportunity to meet the writer/director and a great shot at landing a role.

Roles needed:
Clive- Male, Mid 30’s, African American, sarcastic FBI agent

Allandra- Female, Early 30’s, Hispanic, intelligent, pretty, poised

Arnold - Male, Early 60’s, African American, Social Worker, Mentor

Mayor Rodgers-Male, Mid 40’s, White, Police Officer

Angela- Female, Late 20’s, Japanese American, Tech Savvy, knows self-defense

Officer Perry- Male, Late 30’s, White, Police Officer, “Yes” man

Assistant Director Henry Lopez- Early 60’s White, Police Force, FBI, No nonsense

This is an unpaid opportunity.

Please submit your resume, headshots/photos, social media (if you have it) along with the role you’d like to read for in the subject line