Nationwide- *DEADLINE 5/6* Verizon FIOS is seeking Families who do NOT have FIOS

We are casting a commercial looking for families, couples and individuals who do NOT have Verizon FIOS. We are looking for families, couples and individuals who love technology and all their devices. For eligibility, you must live in the surrounding areas where FIOS is available including the following:

●New York
●Washington DC
●Providence-New Bedford
●Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News
●Harrisburg-Lancaster-New Lebanon-York

Sorry, we are NOT looking for performers or actors for this project. You CANNOT have EVER worked as an actor to participate in this project. This rule applies to anyone who has ever been paid for a professional acting job, has any IMDb credits or profiles (including aliases or stage name) or says that they are an actor on their social media profiles. Thorough background checks will be run for this. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If chosen to participate in this commercial, this job pays $670 per day plus residuals upon airing.

We will be conducting a brief, prequalifying-10 minute INTERVIEW via Skype or FaceTime between the following dates

Saturday, May 4th - Monday, May 6th

Possible second interviews/callbacks:

Wed, May 8th and Thursday, May 9th

Shoot Dates/MUST BE AVAILABLE during all shoot days, though likely shooting only 1-2 days only: May11th - May 18th.

Please respond to this email ASAP to get instructions on how to submit. 

We are looking for several people for this. Please feel free to share with family and friends!

Digital Influence