LA-*Urgent Casting Call*Refinery29 - "Listen" - Intriguing New Digital Series

Have you ever wanted some to just listen? To hear you out in full, whether you’re apologizing, confessing or just venting… In this series, people sit across from someone they love/trust and get everything off of our chests. The catch is, that person is wearing headphones and can’t actually hear, they can only respond to what they’re seeing: tears, anger, joy… But what happens when they take the headphones off?


CONFESSOR: Person who in real life wants to confess something to a friend/loved one.

APOLOGIZER: Person who in real life wants to apologize to a friend/loved one. 

REVEAL-ER: Person who in real life has something to reveal to a friend/loved one; exciting or shocking or life-changing news

VENTOR: Person who in real life wants to vent in full to a friend/loved one.

SURPRISERr: Person who in real life has something surprising to tell a friend/loved one.

SECRET HOLDER: Person who in real life has a secret to let out to a friend/loved one.

Shoots April 25 in Los Angeles

Rate: None but when the segment airs on the site, you can grab it to use on your reel.  Meal will be provided during the up to 3 hour shoot.

Must be an LA Local

**If selected, you and your friend/loved one must both be available for the shoot.

**Your friend/loved one MUST have no idea what you have to say to them.

Email me ASAP -  and tell us what real-life role you will be, and what it is you'd like to say to your friend/loved one. Please include pic and contact information.

Must receive your email by end of day Sunday, April 21

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