NYC-Casting for upcoming SAG-AFTRA fantasy web series, "The Mage Stone."

Filming in New York. Deferred payment + footage for reel and IMDb credit. All welcome to apply!


Dryxen Ravensteel: Kind-hearted Prince of Froth, funny but has a temper when crossed. To play 23/24, Latino, Native American, Asian, or Mixed Race (essentially tan), 6'0" max

Karina Ravensteel-Sabella: Queen of Met/Princess of Froth, transgender women/trans feminine ONLY, to play 25/26, any ethnicity, 6'1" max

Oxel Sabella: King of Met, once a supporter of mage rights, but has become a power-hungry tyrant, 26-30, any ethnicity, red hair or willing to dye, 6'2" min

Alexen Knightsmith: Mage who works in Ravensteel Castle to save up for their own cosmagic shop, agender femme, nonwhite, 5'8" max


Ronda Covendew: Queen of Crameff, harbors dark secrets beneath her loving exterior, 37-70, Caucasian, preferably tall

Neymar Covendew: King of Crameff, compassion and a good fighter, 40-70, any ethnicity, any height

Sir Meska: Crameff's most highly honored knight/general, straightforward and good at his job, any ethnicity, any height

Sir Kinley: newly appointed knight, good detective skills, nervous about getting it right, any ethnicity, any height

Abigail: originally from Met, immigrated to Crameff alone as a child to escape execution, any ethnicity, black hair, 6'0" max

Ex-pirates mercenaries: (to be named later) were slaves on a pirate ship from the time they hit puberty until they were old enough to escape, now they've been hired to kidnap Princess Covendew and bring her to Met to become one of Oxel's mage breeders, one tall, one short, brothers, any ethnicity

*Featured/Small Speaking roles*

King and Queen Ravensteel: Karina and Dryxen's parents. Kind and supportive

Froth Guard: likes to mess with prisoners' heads, scared of the Prince, takes even the smallest crimes very seriously, any ethnicity, any gender, 18+

Twin/Immigrant Woman: mercenaries' younger sister (1/2), works in Covendew Keep with her twin sister who ran away after being tricked into helping their brothers abduct the princess, 18+ (doubles as her own mother, if actual twins, then roles will be split between them)

Nursemaid/Midwife: helps one of Oxel's breeders give birth and takes care of the baby after mother dies, 30-70, any ethnicity, female preferred

Governor: Abigail's father who gives her up to stay in his position in Met.

Drunk Servant: planted in a pub to lead the mercenaries into a trap

Barmaid: owns the pub that mercenaries go to

Vineyard owner: possible nudity, very full of himself but still pays for sex, gets killed after spending the night in a brothel

Farmhand: discovers signs of an ancient prophecy and goes to tell the Covendews, 12-25, any ethnicity, male preferred

New mother: gives birth to Oxel's bastard who then sucks out her life force and kills her

Met Spies (4 of them): skilled in swordfighting and stealth, follow the mercenaries to Froth and ultimately kill them

Children to play younger versions of leads.

*Background Talent*

Pregnant women to play breeders

All genders to play soldiers, servants, gentry, farmers, bar patrons, sex workers, brothel goers, vendors (if you actually sell things, even better. Free advertising)

Behind the scenes (pay negotiable):

Cinematographer (own camera preferred)

Boom operator (own sound equipment preferred)

Gaffer (own lighting setup preferred)

Fight choreographer (armed and unarmed)

Makeup artist(s)


Editor (green screen experience a MUST)

Investors/Producers: profit share!!!

Please email with subject "The Mage Stone" - (role you're interested in). DO NOT SUBMIT AGAIN IF YOU ALREADY EMAILED ME IN 2019!!!