NY-Condé Nast (Glamour, Teen Vogue) is looking for people that want to apologize for Ghosting someone

Conde Nast Entertainment -- People that have "ghosted"

*Seeking people that have ghosted a romantic interest, and want to offer an apology

Conde Nast Entertainment (Glamour, Teen Vogue) is looking for people that have ignored or "ghosted" a romantic interest, and wish to express regret and/or offer an explanation for the abrupt lack of communication. The ghosting may have occurred after a few dates, however may have also happened after a meeting or two. The regretful party would come to our studios and offer an on-camera apology to the person they ghosted, and offer insight as to why they stopped responding. The identity of the person that was ghosted and receiving the apology/explanation will remain anonymous -- discretion will be assured.

Our ideal candidate will be in their twenties, however we may be open to other age ranges -- all are encouraged to submit for this project. To be considered, please send a note with your name, full contact info, photo, and backstory on the relationship you had with the person you ghosted, and why you stopped the connection.

Our videos are beautifully produced, feature amazing quality, and are highly engaging – this project will follow that direction. Please see our YouTube pages to get a feel for our aesthetic:



Submit ASAP: thomas_giglio@condenast.com

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