Nationwide- Verizon Wireless is Casting Real Customers for an Upcoming Project!

Do you have Verizon Wireless? Tiffany Company Casting is looking across the United States for customers who have a story about connection.

Are you:

A person who stays in touch with a spouse deployed?

  • A kid who stays in touch with a parent deployed

  • Anyone with a loved one in the military who uses the network to stay connected or has an extraordinary story that shows the network facilitates their connection.

  • A veteran who uses the network to stay connected to family

  • A mother and her adult child who both have iPhone and use their iPhones too stay connected to one another

  • Someone who loves the features of their iPhone and can talk box them confidently, specifically the camera (portrait mode, etc), large screen, 4K streaming capabilities, Animojies or Face Time.

  • An iPhone lover who always gets the latest iPhone from Verizon because it’s the best.

  • An adult who is far away from her elderly Mother but needs to stay in touch to know that she’s okay.

  • Someone with great stories about people who use the Verizon network to stay connected to their Mom.

  • A young woman who just had her first child and now understands why it’s so important to stay in touch with her Mom.

  • Young people who have awesome stories about how their network keeps them connected to the people and things that matter most

  • Anyone with a story about your connection to or with Verizon.

How to apply:

Email for instructions on how to submit.