Simply Simone Black Theatre Troupe Casting Actors for upcoming Play- Phoenix, AZ

Playwright or Screenwriter: Robert Neblett and David Grapes II
Director: Patdro Harris
Music Director: Brenda Hankins
Choreographer : Patdro Harris
Compensation: Pay 
Rehearsals Begin: March 8, 2019
Run/Shoot: April 12, 2019 – April 28, 2019

Show Synopsis

Prodigy.  Superstar.  Activist  and Exile. As one of the true divas of the 20th Century, vocal powerhouse Nina Simone defied classification and defined a generation. Four women give us an intimate look at her music and lays bare the rich legacy of this icon. Nina Simone mastered all genres. Her command of the American songbook was legendary!  Her interpretations of Broadway classics, rock and roll, soul stirring gospel, jazz and the blues were genius.

Character Breakdown

NINA 1: Female. African-American. 16-20 age range. The Child. Innocent and energetic, she is always hopeful for a brighter future. She is also the constant reminder of an idyllic past.  soprano.

 NINA 2: Female. African-American. 20-30 age range. The Singer. On the verge of success. Optimistic yet cautious. She’s been burned and is a little gun shy. She finds her deepest pleasure in music. Elegant. A mixture of jazz and classical will be great for this singer.

 NINA 3: Female. African-American. 30-40 years old. The Activist. Angry and ready to buck the system. Becomes personally involved in the racial turmoil of her time. Becomes psychologically vulnerable and susceptible to moments of emotional exhaustion and collapse. Should be a soulful outstanding singer.

 NINA 4: Female. African-American. 40-50 years old. The Exile. Wise, yet jaded. Has seen the way of the world and has chosen to reject it rather than continue to live amongst hypocrisy and hatred. Speaks her mind bluntly and doesn’t care who takes offense. Rich alto voice.


What To Prepare

Actors should prepare a verse and chorus of a song of their choice that shows off their range. They should also prepare a verse and chorus of "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". An accompanist will be provided

 Headshot & Resume Optional

Send as Email Attachment

 Auditions By Appointment

 Audition Contact

Mickey Parent
602 258-8128

Audition Dates/Times

Tues. Feb.19 - 6-9pm

Callback Dates/Times


Audition Venue

Heken K Mason Performing Arts Center -Home of the Black Theatre Troupe
1333 East Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ, USA

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